The Difference in Pay for Sports Women & Men is Feckin' Outrageous

A recent study carried out by the BBC showed that men are paid more than women in 30% of professional sports.

That may not have come as a surprise to some, considering the number of sports that have seen the male side rise to gargantuan levels of popularity, while the female versions of the sport find it tough to grow on their smaller fanbases, such as women's football and rugby.

This infograph, made by VoucherCloud, shows the disparity in pay between male and female athletes in their respective sports. There's no surprises when it comes to sports like boxing, or football, but the difference in sponsorship money for women in tennis was surprising to say the least, and it highlighted that despite many Olympic sports offering close to the same prize money, sponsorship plays a key role in supplementing an athletes earnings, and it's something that seems to favour the men greatly.


Shocking? Or unsurprising?

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