Benefit They're Real Uses Balls, Willies, Speedos, To Spread Word About Mascara. For Real

Not since the days of George Michael's white shorts in Wham has so much junk been so obviously stuffed down trunks.

It seems as though making this ad was the stuff of blockbusting movie proportions.  Seriously.  Not content with getting a load of lads to shove some cardboard boxes down their Speedos, Benefit stopped at nothing to amp up the cheese. (Don't think about that last bit for too long).

Mashable broke the white hot news of the advert and the head of marketing in Benefit explained the motivation behind the ad.  Yes really.


"We wanted to find a clever way to play on real vs. fake double entendre. It's irreverent and cheeky, so overt [you] can't possibly take it seriously."

Allwood says Benefit began casting the video four to six months ago, finding actors with "a sense of humor about themselves" who were also active online. The team was drawn to Jersey Shore's Vinny Guadagnino because, as a reality star, he himself encapsulated the real vs. fake dichotomy — and he had a funny lineup of Instagram and YouTube videos to boot. Benefit was likewise impressed with the Vine performances of comedian Brittany Furlan and actor/rapper Simon Rex, who were also cast in the campaign.

Although Allwood believes the video "can't possibly be taken seriously," she admits there are some fans "who won't love it."

"We at least hope to make someone giggle," she says.


Are you giggling?  Or are you having second thoughts about having a Benefit wand poking close to your eye ever again?  And what about bronzing balls?  I don't think I can ever look a For Real in the face again.

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