Mario Dedivanovic's new Irish friends and the inspiring story behind their meeting

Well, if you don't think these two are the ultimate couple goals, you're dead inside. Mario Dedivanovic knows it

Do have your tissues at the ready for this one, because it's the most heartwarming thing you'll read today on so many levels. First, the core of the story, Des and Mona. Mona has been losing her eyesight so her husband Des took up the most loving, gorgeous hobby, especially for her. He started taking makeup lessons with Rosie O'Driscoll from Benefit Ireland so that he could take over face-painting duties.

For the next layer to the scéal, Mario Dedivanovic, Kim Kardashian's makeup artist, heard the story and was so touched (who wouldn't be?) he invited Des, Mona and Rosie along to London to meet him this weekend at his masterclass. And totally unsurprisingly, their meeting was the highlight of his trip.

No, YOU'RE crying!


There's Des, working his magic on Mona.


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OMG, look at Rosie's post of Mona and Des holding hands. Can't cope.

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