Meet Lammily - The Doll That Helps Teach Tweens About Periods

Last year, the world celebrated when Lammily released a 'real' doll, one that represents the average female form, complete with acne, unlike Barbie. Now the Lammily doll is getting even more real by coming adorned with an array of brightly coloured menstruation accessories and a book that explains all the changes that are happening in a young girl's body.

We think it's a brilliant idea, especially if it means less awkward parent-trying-to-impart-delicate-information type moments like this...


Yes it's OTT, but moments like this do happen. I was subjected to something similar on my 14th birthday when my mum wanted to informally inform me that there were other ways of satisfying a partner without the risk of getting pregnant. I still cringe.

If you've had a similar experience, do unburden yourself. It's good to talk.

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