Meghan Markle issues personal statement about the royal wedding

Meghan Markle has settled the debate on whether her father, Thomas Markle, will come to her wedding this Saturday

Poor Megan Markle (as she'll always be known like Duchess Catherine is still firmly Kate Middleton in the eyes of... pretty much everyone). In the weeks leading up to her wedding, a bride is always fairly stressed, but this is another level altogether.

After the never-ending drama instigated by her dad's side of the family and then the hoopla surrounding her dad himself (oh God, what a sh!tshow) she has decided to issue her own statement - an unprecedented move - via Kensington Palace.


So, Thomas Markle Sr. is 100% not coming. So, will Doria walk her down the aisle? Will Charles? She's always been an independent woman - as demonstrated by this statement - maybe she'll be happy enough with her miniature bridal party?

Whatever happens on Saturday, we'll be glued to the TV. Come join us at our royal wedding watching party this Saturday, on Instagram and here on site.

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