MMMBop is 20! Which Hanson was your fave?

Look, don't try to pretend you're too cool for school. In 1996, everybody liked Hanson's ubiquitous MmmBop, even though it was undoubtedly also super-irritating at the same time. Your mam thought it was catchy. Your older brother listened to it in secret. You even caught your dad humming along to it on the radio once. Everyone.

Well, the song turned twenty years old yesterday ,and below you can hear what the original version sounded like before the brothers injected some much-needed pep into it.

They also spoke about the song in a recent interview with Vulture, explaining its genesis and why nobody had managed to perfect a cover of it, twenty years after its release. They reckon that Bruno Mars is the most likely candidate to get it right. Now that, we'd pay to hear. Alright, we wouldn't pay, but we'd like to hear it.

By the sounds of the first version below, it'd make a hell of a grunge/metal song...


Via Uproxx

Back in the old days, which Hansen did you have a crush on?

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