How many of these 90s brands do you think should make a comeback?

If you rocked any one of these 90s brands, you were probably the coolest kid in school

While we always have beauty on the brains here at the Beaut office, sometimes we get sidetracked. Our most recent conversation ended up being a total blast-from-the-past/90s-fest, complete with platform runners, massive flared jeans and trying to remember what exactly Grafton Street looked like all those years ago.

It got me thinking, we can't be the only ones, so let's travel back in time and see how many of these you remember, too.


pic via Etsy

Pop Swatches

All the cool kids had these, I swear. Seriously, don't laugh. Pop Swatch was a magical hybrid of an elastic armband, (usually complete with an enviably bright 90s design) and a clock face that could - wait for it - pop out! You could add it to your jumper, school bag, your Dad's ties, your socks - whatever you thought was the best way to wear it.

They're now sold as "vintage" on Etsy (I feel so old).


Ah, there are so many old photos of me as a kid, proudly wearing my PACO jumpers. Unfortunately, you have to wear sunglasses to actually look at those pictures, because they were so bright, it'd make your eyes bleed. No joke, I looked like a unicorn ate a rainbow and then got sick on me. Still, it was the style at the time, and I stand by it. Sort of.


NOPE & Susst: If you remember that smiling cat face, then you definitely remember NOPE jeans, especially the enormous flared version that actually went over your shoes and hid your feet?


If not, then maybe the name Susst will jog your memory a little? Yep, we wore those. It happened. And we were awesome.


Pic via eBay

Buffalo Platform Trainers

I couldn't mention NOPE & Susst without thinking of Buffalo's famous platform trainers. For a good part of the 90s, girls were suddenly all a whole lot taller thanks to them.


Baby-G Watches

These were the lusted after arm candy for so many girls during the late 90s. Aisling, our Beauty Editor, had a baby blue version, while most of my friends had the baby pink one. The brand is still going, but it'll always be these two that remain the most iconic (in our heads anyway).

Tear-Away Trousers

Now, it pains me to say this, but I had a pair of these. Dear God, they were so shiny and horrible now I think back on it. Beaut Editor Andrea told me that apparently, the whole tear-away thing is coming back. Please say it isn't so? Surely these should only be reserved for male strippers? However, Kappa will be delighted! As will Adidas and Le Coq Sportif.

Honorary mentions also go to....


Morgan de Toi, for fancy girls who went out clubbing (or so we thought); The Sock Sock, serving all your sock related needs; Knickerbox, frilly bits and pieces; and finally Kookai, sparkly tops here we come!


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