Period Drama: Mooncup review plus Team Tampon Vs Team Mooncup

The Mooncup, that rubber cup-shaped tampon alternative is weirdly controversial and anecdotally not very popular among Irish women. We MAY be slightly more repressed than other nationalities. But what exactly is it about the Mooncup that grosses people out so much?

Is it the actual contact with bodily fluids? Is it the sheer size of the things? Is it the idea of a vacuum situation in that er... area.  Is it reviews like this one (which is spit your tea out funny)?

The Controversial Mooncup

The Controversial Mooncup

I’ve come to terms with the fact I’ll have my period for the next twenty-ish years, so I have plenty of time to sample the very finest in lady-hygiene! I was just so curious I HAD to try it.

I like the idea of minimising waste and something I can leave in for a full twelve hours, plus it just seems better for you than bleached cotton. It’s cheaper in the long run too.




I’ve now used the Mooncup for about 6 months and I’m getting the hang of it! At first in seemed HUGE, but once it was in I couldn’t feel it. Early on I discovered that when I was pressured for time I just COULD NOT insert it, but as with many things in life speed comes with practice.  You just fold it like a taco and slide it on up in there and away you go.

The tricky part is the removal. You’ve created a vacuum between the edges of the Mooncup and the walls of your gooter, so when I first attempted a removal, there was quite a lot of er... resistance.

So I did what it said in the leaflet. I kept calm…fine, I thought, it’ll just stay in there forever... till I explode.

I won’t lie to you on this ladies, removing the Mooncup is a bizarre sensation. You feel the suction, then you feel a pop and the seal breaks, and THEN you kind of have to try to get it out completely upright!

It’s like a test of coordination and reflexes completely located in and around your gash.

That said, what I love about the Mooncup is the element of choice. It’s really really nice to have the option of something you can leave in for 12 hours, that’s reliable and won't give you toxic shock syndrome.


While I don’t use it exclusively, I’m really glad I tried the Mooncup, and I’d recommend giving it a go to see if it suits you.

What does everyone think about the Mooncup? Would you ever give it a whirl?

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