Murder, marriage & mayhem on the soaps this week

Here's what's ahead on the soaps this week...


A hectic week ahead in Emmerdale - first off, Emma's concern over April's bruises continues so she decides to call social services, but just where is young April getting the marks from?

There's also a wedding to look forward to in Emmerdale this week although whether it goes ahead or not is another thing, as Rakesh's money problems aren't going anywhere and Priya has yet to find out... isn't this their second time trying to get married and all?

Also this week, sheeeee's baccccck! And by 'she' we mean Charity. Yep, she's out of prison and back with a bang near the end of the week. No doubt she'll be up to some scheming within about five minutes.

Coronation Street

That Phelan fella is causing trouble again this week, but sure when is he not? At the start of the week Andy is suspicious when he overhears Phelan on the phone to a mate flogging some of Jason's tools, so tells Michael about it, who is then resolved to have it out with him. He heads to the builders' yard and confronts Phelan about the tools and his interest in Eileen, however Phelan laughs in his face, but as Michael leaves, things take a more serious turn...

Also this week, Bethany at last seeks help over her bullying ordeal, while Norris and Sally continue to become firm political enemies.


Not content with giving the unfortunate residents of Albert Square shoddy Christmases and Halloweens, the soap has now set upon Mother's Day as a day of torment for some of the cast, as it looks like someone will meet their maker on EastEnders this week. The drama focuses in on the Hubbard family mostly, as Claudette tries to deal with Gavin... and as you can see from the image above, she certainly does. Will it be Claudette with the candelabra in the kitchen though, or who will it be that kicks the bucket this week?


Elsewhere, Jordan comes clean to Denise about his plan to help his dad escape from prison... evil Lucas out and about again? We dread to think.

Also this week, Ronnie realises that Jack is getting married, and is on a race against time to stop him...but his fiance seems so sweet so we don't know WHO we're rooting for here.

Fair City

Charlotte, Doug and Rachel struggle with their guilt over Charlie, who is planning on selling his house after this 'break in'. While Tommy is still getting the blame by Pete for leaving the door unlocked. However, Pete is left with egg on his face when Doug confesses what really happened, but then he goes and decides to keep it to himself, and just to behave better towards Tommy. No doubt it will all come out soon though.

Elsewhere, Eoghan is faced with a court date over Michael's death as Debbie worries he will be sentenced, and also this week, Wayne is annoyed to see that Paul is the silent partner is this luxury car business they are setting up. Queue lots of head butting and ego bashing.

Red Rock

It's a landmark week for the folk of Red Rock as they reach their 100th episode on Thursday... that's flown by. There's plenty of drama in store too as it's the day of baby Luke's christening on Wednesday so the Kielys and Hennessys are forced to play nice... although it all goes pear-shaped when an unwanted guest turns up.

Thursday then sees Liam on a frantic search for Rachel, who has gone missing again and he has no doubt she must be with Brian.... but just how far will he go to get his daughter back?

Also this week, looks like some old feelings may reignite for Katie and David...


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