Niall Horan as Bond? Well, Daniel Craig Gives His Blessing

So much for Danny Dyer's bid to get the role (true story). Daniel Craig has declared his successor, and it is a spritely Mini Me in the form of Niall Horan. How did we never see it before...?!

Unfortunately Daniel didn't come to this revelation all by himself, rather it was put to him by Capital FM radio presenter in the UK. When asked during an interview if he reckoned Niall Horan would be a fitting successor, the current Bond replied "He would."  When he heard Horan had expressed an interest in the role, Craig added that he is "good man" and would be "absolutely fabulous" as Bond.

Lastly, Daniel had this advice should producers offer Niall the mantel: "Just enjoy it and make it the best you can... That's all I've ever tried to do with these films is just make the movies as memorable as possible. Should I make another one or not make another one I'm proud of the four I've made." That's refreshingly positive in light of previous statements.

As for Niall "expressing an interest" in the role; the 22-year-old tweeted this back in 2013.


Should Niall be otherwise engaged with his One Direction duties, others to consider include Hector. He's got a 'Licence To Bhfuil'

Via People / Today FM

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