Of Course Khloe Kardashian Poses In the Nip for Her App

The Internet is entranced by Khloe Kardashian's sliver of nipple this morning. According to Heatworld: "The KUWTK star unveiled her new images on Khloewithak.com, but gave non-subscribers a sneak-peek with a few Instagram snaps first."

She captioned the below teaser: "@mrmikerosenthal @jenatkinhair @joycebonelli link in bio"

Her hair "artist" Jen Atkin shared a couple more, which are reportedly "unretouched". The below was captioned: "@mrmikerosenthal on my favorite spontaneous UNRETOUCHED Vacay shoot ever. #St.Barts #GlitterBomb See the story on #KhloeWithAK.com"


Younger sister Kendall was on hand to direct the shoot, advising Khloe just what way to arch her back, and manipulate her... while covered in glitter.

We bet, if asked about it, Khloe would say it was 'tastefully done'. Have you ever considered a nude photoshoot?

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