This is how to organise your wardrobe

Let's face it, wardrobes are stressful. No matter what you do you can never find anything to wear and there are always random bits of clothes everywhere.

It can be a pain, but organising your clothes makes life so much easier. Here is how to organise your wardrobe and make mornings stress free:

Have a wardrobe big clear out

We have too many clothes, its just a fact as life. As humans it is in our nature to hold onto things and throwing away possessions can be difficult.

Have one big clear out of all your clothes and donate them, give them to friends or even sell them. Well, not all of them, but all the things you've been promising to wear for months.

Its a lot easier to work with your wardrobe if there is less clutter.


Constantly filter

Try to only keep clothes in your wardrobe that you actually wear. In between seasons you can take out the main things that you won't be wearing. Keep them in an airtight bag under your bed until next season rolls around again.

If you have something you never wear but are unsure about donating it, take it out of your wardrobe for a month or so. If you find that you haven't looked to wear it in that time, it's pretty safe to say you can get rid of it.

Pick an organisation technique and stick to it


You might see things better if you organise your clothes by colour, or sorting by size or style might be your thing. Whatever way you choose to sort out your clothes, it doesn't matter as long as you are consistent.

If you chop and change things will only get confusing and you will give up much more easily. You'll end up with a pile of clothes at the end of the bed again. We definitely don't want that!

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