Is it time to tidy up and organise your makeup stash?

The ol' makeup stash is usually at its peak during the Christmas season. But now it's the new year, is it time to tidy it up a bit?

Makeup stash... the kind words for what amounts to somewhat of an addiction to shiny, pretty things (at least here at Beaut HQ). If you're anything like us, you'll have pooled all your best bits during the holiday season to create some beautiful going out looks. But now that it's new years, do we really need five kinds of red lipstick and glitter eyeliner on hand at all times? Or multiple choices of lashes for that matter? Reluctantly, we'll have to say, probably not.

New year is all about good health and simplifying routines. Which means toning down makeup, returning to good skin care habits and generally letting our skin breathe a little. When it comes to tidying up your makeup stash, these are all things to bare in mind.

Use what you love


This sounds easy, but when you have a lot of makeup you love, it can be hard to narrow down the choices. Especially if you've grown accustomed to contouring, highlighting, baking etc over the holidays. Basically, what we mean is keep your favourites. There's nothing wrong with using your 'good' Charlotte Tilbury lipstick on a Tuesday. If it makes you feel good, why not?

Think about what will help to enhance your features in the most effective way. For example, if you have big eyes, keep your eyeliner and mascara to hand. If you're a lipstick gal, wear your favourite shade. Who says minimal has to mean meagre?

Throw out (or recycle) what you don't need

Go through what you have and decide what has, and hasn't seen better days. If you have products you've never used or opened, think about rehoming them to a friend or colleague. And remember, some brands (such as MAC) will take back old containers and exchange them for a new lipstick.

Store the rest well


Air tight containers and freezer bags might not seem like a glamorous option for storing makeup but trust us, they work. You don't want to come back to your lip palette or liquid liners in February to find them all dried out. Keeping them organised and sealed will help to maintain them for longer.

Will you be organising your makeup stash for January?

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