Our Workout Vid Has All You'll Need For a Quick Cardio Blast

I am lucky enough to have access to a fully equipped gym where I train myself and my clients.

And sometimes at the end of a session, I’ll finish up with a short round of cardio. It’s a great fat burner and it’s also handy for when you can’t make the gym. This week I’m showing you some of my favourite moves. Be warned, they look easy but they burn you out…but that’s the point, right?

So let’s slip into our gym gear and get started (and if you're looking for some new gym gear, check out my squat-proof testing of leggings from Bershka, Forever 21 and H&M here).

I am starting with burpees: these are a well-known exercise to many gym bunnies around the world and doing these for 60 seconds straight is no easy task.

Onto push-ups: I’m on my knees here this is a modified push-up and less challenging than the classic push-up but still great for upper body strength. If you're doing these on your feet or hands, just make sure that you get your chest to the ground for every rep.

Mountain climbers: bring one knee towards the opposite elbow then alternate while keeping your core tight, fantastic for your abs.

Jumping lunges: the jumping lunge is an excellent bodyweight exercise. Stability , balance, speed and power are all at play here!

Tick tock: just like a clock, keep the hips up and jump from side to side.
Give this a try at the end of a workout or as your main workout!


Here's my handy how-to:

  • 30 secs of each exercise with little to no rest between each exercise.
  • Rest for one to two mins at the end of the round.

Do about five rounds or as many as you can, I bet you will work up a sweat very quickly!

Final image

My dog Bailey is also a big fan of this session.

Let me know how you get on if you try this out. I can create other mini-workouts if it’s something you would like. Just leave a comment below!

Until next week,



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