Pic: Paul Brennan faces grave danger in tonight's Fair City

It's all go for Paul Brennan these days. If he's not canoodling with fellow Carrigstown residents, he's feuding with Fair City's answer to the Sopranos - the Bishops.

Tonight, however, things really escalate between the two Fair City families, as yet another plan of Oisin's backfires. It all goes wrong when Rachel discovers Denzo hiding in the Pod, and while she says she won't tell Paul he is there, Oisin knows this can only mean more trouble for him with the Bishops.

In order to get the Bishops back on side and sort things once and for all, Oisin comes up with a plan to make things right. He tells Zumo to tie him up and send an image to Paul demanding money not to hurt him.

What could go wrong?


A lot it seems. It all leads to Denzo and Paul coming face to face in the Brennan household, and when Paul threatens to call the guards and tell them that he is back in Carrigstown, Denzo panics, and as you can see below, it doesn't work out too well for Paul.

Tune in to see the drama unfold tonight on Fair City at 8 pm.

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