First Look at Peggy Mitchell's Return to EastEnders Meeting Danny Dyer

It's only one week now until the 30th anniversary EastEnders bonanza kicks off in what guarantees to be an explosive week of drama with more than one or two old faces returning.

Of course you can't have a landmark EastEnders moment without one of its most significant residents, as actress Barbara Windsor is returning to the soap to reclaim her role as Peggy Mitchell for just one episode next week.

We actually saw Peggy on the soap not all that long ago when she was out in Spain with Ronnie, but it's been quite some time since we've seen her in Albert Square.

Apparently there is a must-see scene when she heads into her former abode, The Vic, and meets its current owner Mick, or Danny Dyer innit!

Dyer was delighted to get a chance to work the soap legend saying; "It was a real moment when I got told because for me, I think EastEnders had some of its best moments when Barbara was at the helm", he told Digital Spy. "So it was a shame that when I came in, Barbara was no longer in the show. So when I was told Barbara was coming back for an episode and doing a scene with me, it was just a real moment of like, 'Wow, wow, it's gonna happen!'"

He went on to say; "I think we were both a little bit nervous, to be honest with you. I was a bit nervous obviously because Barbara was the matriarch. It's an intimidating place to act in The Vic, so we were both nervous together and I think that worked beautifully. She's a beautiful lady and I think we both inspired each other in different ways."

He added: "I've known Barbara for a little while but not well. But she was lovely. She wound me up and said, 'Oi you, I want a word with you!' I was like, 'Oh no, here we go', and then she wound me up and gave me a big cuddle. It was lovely to be around her. Barbara is a real force and a real presence and a massive EastEnders fan. She gave me the thumbs up which is a massive thing!"

There they are now, lookin' well!

Are you glad Peggy's back in the square? Will you be tuning in?


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