Pics: Kit Harington and Rose Leslie are back together!

*Game of Thrones spoilers below

Let's face it, Jon Snow and Ygritte are the only romance we ever cared about in Game of Thrones. They fought like cat and dog, she constantly was telling him he knew nothing, but she's the only person that could ever really make Jon Snow smile. Sigh. They should have never left that cave.

As it emerged though, sparks were flying off-screen between actors Kit Harington and Rose Leslie with the pair dating for about a year back in 2012. Since then there has been rumours of the romance being re-kindled but nothing really solid until a sighting of the pair this week in LA.

The usually private stars weren't holding back on the PDA either, and were seen kissing and holding hands and generally just being frickin' adorable. While their reps have made no official comment, a source source told E! News that Harington and Leslie have indeed rekindled their romance.

And sure the pictures speak for themselves...


As fans of the show will know, Rose Leslie departed Game of Thrones at the end of season four when that annoying little kid killed her right in front of Jon Snow at the Battle of Castle Black. That same boy was the one who put the last knife in Jon Snow at the end of season five by the way. We HATE that little dude...

So while we will never see Jon and Ygritte back in each other's arms again, we've always got Kit and Rose.



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