Pics: SJP Hand Delivers New Shoe Collection to Bloomingdales

Naturally, ever the professional, she also partook in an impromptu photoshoot while she was there - but we'll get to that momentarily.

SJP is indeed a busy bee. When she's not trying to make us buy jeans we don't need, she's hand delivering her new SJP shoe collection to Bloomingdales along with a load of attractive assistants (reportedly including Manolo Blahnik's CEO, George Malkemus III).

As for the impromptu photoshoot, she just clambered among the boxes, and fanny's yer aunt.


If she was a total 'photo op' hound, she would've insisted on depositing her delivery around the front, but there she was, pushing her wares through the iconic store's rear entrance. Perhaps she peaked two weeks ago, when she took to the awning of Bloomies to announce the launch of her accessories selection.

Would you be chomping at the bit to get your paws on SJP's wares, or are you happy enough with Pennys?

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