Pics: Sneak peak of Operation Transformation finale

The Operation Transformation finale is here already, how did that happen? Those seven weeks flew by although the leaders probably wouldn't say that. Last night we got to see them nail the much anticipated 5k race, but tonight it's their moment to shine as they take to the catwalk in their Sunday best to show off their brand new figures.

While some of you may want to wait until tonight for the big reveal, we have some pics below of just how great the leaders are looking. They're even joined by leader Dan Kennedy, who unfortunately had to leave the show just a few weeks in due to health concerns, but he has still been following the plan at home.

In total, the four leaders lost an impressive 100 pounds with host Kathryn Thomas saying the current season had been "the most inspiring and emotional" since the show began in 2008.

Emotional indeed, not that we ever cry while watching Operation Transformation - because we don't! There's just something... in our eye.

The show is going year round too for 2016, with regular updates on leaders progress on radio, online and social media to help people motivated once the show is off the air.


For the moment though, check out the leaders below, sure they're only garrrjuss...

Clare Scanlan

Starting weight: 17 stone

Current weight: 15 stone 3.5lbs

Total weight loss to date: 1 stone 10.5lbs

John Conmy

Starting weight: 22 stone 6 lbs

Current weight: 19 stone 13 lbs

Total weight loss to date: 2 stone 7 lbs


Lucy Dillon

Starting weight: 16 stone 13.5lbs

Current weight: 15 stone 3lbs

Total weight loss to date: 1 stone 10.5lbs

Noeleen Lynam

Starting weight: 11 stone 11.5lbs

Current weight: 10 stone 9.5lbs

Total weight loss to date: 1 stone 2 lbs

And last but not least...

Dan Kennedy

The gang!


Catch Operation Transformation tonight on RTE1 at 8.30pm.

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