Poldark boss was afraid Aidan Turner wasn't hot enough

Poldark is one of those BBC dramas that became a huge hit upon its release.

A lot of that, as you may know, was down to our own Aidan Turner and a certain scene in which he was topless and working with a scythe. Yes, we all know THAT scene.

As it turns out, that scene was the subject of discussion during production. As Damien Timmer, one of the series' producers explained, "Karen (Thrussell, the executive producer) actually thought he was too muscly, and there were discussions about whether he looked too well built for that moment in time."

There's more. Timmer also had his doubts about Aidan Turner as Captain Ross Poldark, wondering whether or not he'd be attractive enough for the role.


However, according to the series' composer, Anne Dudley, "I said, ‘I don’t think you will have a problem.'"

The series went on to become a huge hit, garnering 8,800,000 viewers for its finale. As the second season is currently filming, Debbie Horsfield, the show's writer, confirmed that Turner will not be getting shirtless for the second season. "Unfortunately, autumn is very chilly in Cornwall, so he won’t be doing any in that."

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