POLL: Watching sex scenes with yer ma and da: fine or cringe?

So Beaut.ie Mammy has declared her desire to go and see Behind the Candelabra.

Somewhat apprehensive, as I knew it was quite racy, I checked the Twitter for some feedback.  Is this the kind of film you'd feel comfortable sitting through with your ma? I asked.


Answers ranged from "Hell no!"  to "NO"  and "No Way!" and the more eloquent "hell no, there is a big ridin scene in it, I would have crawled in my own pocket if my mam was there".


When it comes to sex scenes on the TV and in movies part of me curls up and DIES if either of my parents are in the vicinity. This has made mass family viewing of DVDs difficult.  I had to leave the room to make tea during a DVD showing the (tame) opening scene of Bridesmaids and the remembrance of accidentally switching on Boogie Nights wakes me up at night in a cold sweat.


I seem to regress to a thirteen year old who is embarrassed by everything especially the thought of SEX and Parents.

So what are your feelings on this serious issue? Let's poll!


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