Anything Could Happen This Christmas on the Soaps

The festive season in soapland always sees the drama cranked up to the absolute max, and it's commonly known that pretty much ANYTHING can happen.  Main characters could pop their clogs, long lost faces could return, and divorce papers could appear from nowhere - it's non-stop. While we don't want to give too much away about the soaps you will be enjoying with your selection box, here's an idea of what you can expect...

  • Coronation Street

It's all go on the cobbles this Christmas as Rob prepares to wreak havoc on Tracy's life, while Robert (funny how they have the same name...) plans to propose on Christmas day. We have a funny feeling that won't go to plan however. Elsewhere, Johnny has a secret of his own he has to confess while Nick tries to get David and Kylie back together. There's some happiness in store too as there may be romance in the air for Kevin and Anna, while Tyrone and Fiz hope for a Christmas miracle... which they may just get.

  • EastEnders

It's been gearing up for one hell of a dramatic yuletide on EastEnders, which kicks off with Stacey going into labour on Christmas Eve at the nativity play, because obviously. However, It seems one resident may be quick to do the maths and work out who the actual baby daddy is. Meanwhile, the child of Satan that is Bobby Beale ends up lashing out at Sharon's son Dennis, which leads to one hell of a bombshell being dropped on the Beales by Sharon. On a happier note, both Kat and Alfie will be returning to the square this Christmas while the Carters prepare for their wedding day. Oh, and someone will die on Christmas Day, sorry we probably should have opened with that.

  • Emmerdale

Christmas Day in the Dales looks like an interesting affair with even a guest appearance from the one and only Liz Dawn, who of course played Vera Duckworth for many a year on Corrie. Liz will play a disgruntled guest at the B&B which no doubt will provide plenty of entertainment to match the inevitable high drama of the episode. Most of which could unfold in the Dingle house as Belle witnesses something she really would have preferred not to on Christmas Eve. Elsewhere, Pollard is the local Scrooge as he refuses to get into the holiday spirit but he may just find the joy of Christmas yet. Also, it looks like Ross may find himself facing the consequences of his recent actions, while one resident prepares to leave the village for good.

  • Fair City

A  tension-filled Christmas is also in store in Carrigstown as Debbie's other son Emmet returns who we have been hearing so much about and finds out how his brother Michael died. Meanwhile, Heather is up to her devious tricks and takes full advantage of all the sympathy she gets when her daughter Eleanor ends up in hospital. There's some good news for Caoimhe and Tommy as Neasa arrives home for the Christmas although it's not long before tensions arise between the family. Never a dull moment with those Dillons'.

  • Red Rock

News is already out that Red Rock is planning a Game of Thrones style Christmas with the death of a major character. Nobody in Red Rock is short of enemies so it's fairly wide open as to who it could be. Possibly Paudge with all his shady dealings with that Beady chap? And of course we can't forget the ever-growing Kiely/Hennessy feud. Besides all that though, Katie is about to pop any day now, and it looks like she may just have a Christmas baby. N'aww.


Do you follow the soaps? What's your favourite ever Christmas episode?

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