Professor Regan tells us some things we already knew


Sorry Prof. Watched your latest beauty industry "expose" on BBC last night with disbelief. Nothing was exposed and to wit I present the evidence in bullet point format.

  • Botox and fillers remove wrinkles. Yes we know that
  • A change of hairstyle can make you look younger. Know that too.
  • Spot creams do work, but the ones you get on prescription are better. Eh, yeah.
  • Slendertone tones your muscles and firms you up. It doesn't make you lose weight. Yep, that's exactly what it claims to do.
  • Take the stairs instead of the lift. Little bits of daily exercise all up. Womens magazine staple this one
  • The best type of detox is a healthy balanced diet. Uh huh - NEXT

While it wasn't as bad as this Sarah Beeny gem (read the follow up too), it was still pretty darn lame. We loved the original Professor Regan investigation - but it's time to move on from this format now methinks. We're sick of it.

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