Proposals, babies & bullying on the soaps

Your preview of what's ahead in the soaps this week...


Chas is feeling optimistic about the case against Gordon following the news of the 'new victim' who has come forward. However, she is soon left shocked when Gordon turns up, claiming that he knows she paid his neighbour Ryan to say he was abused by him. Later on then it emerges that it was in fact Robert who set it up, which could probably do more harm than good. Dammit Robert!

Also this week, Megan goes into labour when out in the woods with Sam, and when he goes to get help he accidentally gets shot, because Emmerdale.

Coronation Street

Nick is still mulling over Robert and Leanne's separate offers for the Bistro, leaving Carla very worried altogether. She ends up taking drastic measures to get Tracy the money, but will Nick still sell it to Robert?

Also this week, Bethany has been mitching off school and generally just being a pain in the hoop for her mum Sarah, although later in the week we find out it's because she's being bullied at school by a nasty group of wenches.


There will be a bit of a Leap Year proposal for one couple in Albert Square tonight but it won't be a lady down on one knee, it will in fact be Lee. He hears Whitney is planning to leave and realises he doesn't want to lose her and proposes... we're assuming this means he won't be telling her about Abi anytime soon.


There's some more romance of the complicated variety in store for Ronnie this week as Jack arrives back with an ultimatum for her - she decides if she wants to be with him or not once and for all. These two will never be over though.

Fair City

This Pete/Tommy feud continues tonight... seriously, why does Pete hate Tommy so much? Sure there was that whole Tommy being a crazy stalker business, but the rest of Carrigstown has moved on obviously, why can't he?

Elsewhere, Rachel agrees to let her mates have a party in the Pod, which can only end badly, while it looks like Katie's not handling Michael's death as well as people had originally thought.


Red Rock

Liam desperately wants to prove that Rachel is under Brian's thumb again and made her recant her statement, he just needs proof, but how far will he go to get it?

Elsewhere, local felon Jack O'Reilly is dragged in after Adrijan suspects that he's behind Sean's attack, can Nikki get the smug thug to fess up?


Meanwhile, Bridget desperately wants to settle her debt with loan shark Joe Fallon but she doesn't have a great history of making fast money, is she onto a winner this time?

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