Rasher Hair on Your Wedding Day: Wouldya?

Watching one of Denny's Full Irish ads starring a bride-to-be and her extended family chowing down on a plate of sausages and rashers on the morning of her nuptials, I turned to himself and exclaimed in amazed tones, "jee-ay-sis, who has a fried breakfast on the morning of their wedding!?" "Er, I would," he replied. "Sure I'd need to line my stomach before a skinful," he helpfully explained.

Seems like yer wan is with him. Sitting up at the table, hair all done and tiara in place, she's ordering her bridesmaids about, informing the flower girl her father needs to come with her, all while tucking into a hearty meat feast, cooked by her kindly dad.

Later, we see her in full regalia, helpfully having her makeup touched up by a bridesmaid before the off. As before, the action takes place in the kitchen. Yeah. You know, where the fry was cooked.

I can only imagine the aphrodisiac* effect her rasher-smelling hair will have on her new husband as he lovingly caresses her locks during their post-wedding clinch.  Mmm. And what's even better than that is she has her own signature scent right there! What could be nicer than a wedding dress scented with the delicious fragrance of bacon grease?


Nothing ladies, nothing.

*It probably will have an intense aphrodisiac effect, knowing the majority of Irish fellas

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