Reasons We Should All Do A Social Media Detox This January

Social media is great but it can be a toxic place sometimes. Here's why we should all do a social media detox this January.




To help you focus on your goals

There's no need to jump on the bandwagon and start posting about your New Year's resolutions on social media like everyone else does.

If anything I find that it usually just distracts me from my goals.

So whenever you're working on your New Year's resolutions, ban yourself from posting about it on social media. You don't have to prove yourself to anyone.

Limiting the amount of time you spend on social media, in general, will also help you get off to a good start with your goals as you'll have a little extra time to spend on them.


For your mental health

Everyone knows by now that spending too much time on social media can be bad for your mental health so if you've found your mental health hasn't been good lately why not try a little social media detox.


A full social media ban won't be possible for most of us so instead just reduce the amount of time you allow yourself to go on social media.

You could try only letting yourself check it at lunch and in the evenings after work, school or college and if you have an iPhone you can go into your settings and set time limits for the social media apps you use the most.

The key to a successful social media detox is having other things to do to fill that time. You could call or text friends, exercise, start a hobby or do more of a current one.

Filling your time will mean you're less likely to reach for your phone and check social media as often.


To give yourself more time

You'd be surprised by how much time you can build up throughout the day checking social media.

Giving yourself a little detox will give you more free time every day that you can use to do whatever you like.

Maybe you've wanted to start doing a morning workout or meditation or there are a few books you've meaning to read but "haven't had time to".

If you have an iPhone you can actually check how much time you spend on your phone and social media by going into the 'Screen Time' section of your settings.

Personally I spend an embarrassing amount of time on my phone every day, almost 6 hours, with 4 of those hours being for Instagram alone!



Would you consider doing a social media detox this January? 

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