How to detox your hair during the January lull

Hair detox time? After all the curly blow dries, hair spray, glitter and heat styling it might be a good idea. We've got some easy ways to do it when you've got some downtime.

Hair detox, doesn't sound like much fun does it? Well, maybe - but if you're like us, you'll have put your hair through quite a lot over the Christmas period. We're talking hairspray, blow drying, backcombing, heat styling, the works. And that's before we even put on any antlers or glitter. Yep, it's looking a little fried, to say the least.

January is the perfect time to do a hair detox. So, if you're in need of a quick hair detox too, here are our top tips.`

Clarifying Shampoo


If you feel like there's a lot of product residue in your hair, a clarifying shampoo could be the answer. These are designed to break down any residue left from styling products such as hair sprays and texture pastes to leave it feeling light and fresh again.

Deep Conditioning Oil

Our scalp naturally produces oil which helps to maintain a healthy condition for our hair. But when you start throwing bleach, dyes, and styling products into the mix it needs a helping hand. If you're worried about the ends of your hair then a deep conditioning oil such as Argan or Coconut will help to rehydrated frazzled tips.

To help it penetrate deeper into the hair, apply it, comb through and then wrap your hair in some clingfilm before adding a towel. The added warmth will help the oil to work deeper into hair for a smoother finish.

Protein mask


For hair that needs added strength, a protein mask can help massively. You can buy specialist ones from salons that help to prevent breakage and damage to hair. Or alternatively you can make your own using some olive oil and eggs.

Will you be detoxing your hair this Christmas?

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