Soaps this week: Revenge, babies and Grant Mitchell


It's the week of Zak and Joanie's wedding but considering Zak calls his wife-to-be Lisa while drunk at his stag on Monday night, will the wedding even go ahead? Hopefully not; Zak + Lisa forever. Also this week, Chrissie's vengeful scheming continues as she bribes Rakesh to make sure Andy gets sent down for shooting Lawrence. No messin' with that Chrissie, a woman scorned and all that.

Coronation Street

Well would you look at this. We didn't see this one coming, although there have been cracks in both Maria and Aidan's relationships for a while, more of which we'll see this week. Still though, is this a new romance brewing or will they both live to regret this one-night stand? Also this week, Leanne plays mediator between Robert and Steve, while Phelan asks Sally if she can pull a few strings on the Planning Committee regarding his new development project... don't trust him Sally!



Grant is back so expect a load of Mitchell drama this week, particularly between himself and Phil, while he also gets up close and personal with one Walford lady. Also this week, Babe is attacked and pretty much left for dead, but given her long list of enemies, who could be behind it?

Fair City

Robbie is determined that he is going to get Trigger out of Carol's life once and for all, and after all that Carol said on Sunday, the sooner the better. Elsewhere, Tommy gives Debbie an ultimatum, but will she act on it? Also this week, Oisin's mind games continue, but on a happier note, Caoimhe and Damien bring Saoirse home. N'aww.


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