Review: The Game of Thrones Finale That Broke Us All

*Here lie spoilers, and fan theories galore.

At this stage, we fully believe that a subscription to Sky or HBO should provide us with post Game of Thrones counselling sessions, because let's face it, we need it.

How is everybody holding up? Have your heavy downtrodden hearts recovered from this great loss? Jon Snow is dead. There, we said it.

The worst has happened and we no longer know what to believe, we don't even know who we are rooting for anymore. Sure, Daeny and Tyrion are still knocking around, but we had invested everything into Jon Snow being the key to it all.

This is why, and yes, feel free to take this as the utter denial it may well be, but, maybe all is not as it seems. I know, I know, we saw him lying there taking his last breath too, but surely that can't be the end?!

Well Game of Thrones fans, we have now joined forces with the question that has been on every book readers lips since the latest installment of the Game of Thrones series "A Dance with Dragons."

Also sidebar, can we just take a moment to congratulate and thank every glorious book reader out there who managed to keep this heartbreaking spoiler to themselves? Seriously, it can't have been easy, so a tip of our imaginary hat to you.

It's been four years since 'A Dance with Dragons' as we said, and like the book readers, the last we have now all seen of Jon is him lying in the snow at Castle Black, so naturally since then there have been a zillion and one theories as to how and why he could still be alive. We will provide you an outline of some of our favourite theories below, and rest assured, there are thousands of pages of the internet dedicated to each of them if you want to know more.

1. Jon Snow, like his little bro Bran, is a Warg

We haven't seen Bran this entire last season, but a lot of time was given previously to showing him to be a Warg, similar to that Wildling dude from the UK Office (Mackenzie Crook). Like him, there is talk that Jon might have pulled a Bran and morphed into his direwolf just before dying. In the book, his last word was 'Ghost' (the name of his wolf) which is all the proof some believers need for this theory to be true. Still though, as lovely as those wolves are, we think we would definitely prefer real Jon Snow.

2.  Could Melisandre bring him back to life?

Red Priest lady Melisandre arrived back at the Wall in the finale as she realised that it was all over for Stannis and he wasn't her man. By her man, we mean Azor Ahai, or 'the Prince that was Promised', but we'll get to that. And why did Melisandre come back to the Wall of all places for her to go?

Back in season three, we saw Melisandre meet Thoros of Myr, who like her, was also a Red Priest who we were told had resurrected his friend Beric Dondarrion several times. And we all know that Melisandre had taken quite a shining to Jon Snow this season. So.... you see what we're saying here.... and sure you just have to head along to your local church of a Sunday to know folk are only mad for a Resurrection story.


3. Jon Snow is in fact Azor Ahai

All the way through Game of Thrones, we have known the Red Priestess believed that Stannis was Azor Ahai, and yes you are probably thinking 'who?!'. Well he is the prophecised prince that she thinks is coming to save them all. Back in the day, there was this thing called 'The Long Night', which is that long-ass winter that happened before that they all fear is happening again.

This was when the White Walkers set about killing all of mankind essentially, but it's said a hero was sent to save them all (Azor Ahai). This Azor dude had a legendary sword called Lightbringer that was also used to kill White Walkers... and we all remember that scene from just a couple weeks ago with Jon and the White Walker.

Why, pray tell, would we have been privy to that epic battle if it wasn't all going to mean something? It HAS to mean something. George RR Martin is a smart man, as are the show creators - that battle took over 25 days to film... we refuse to believe it was for nothing. And we all saw how the Night King was eyeballing Snow, that sh*t ain't over.

It's also believed that Aerys (the Mad King) and Rhaella Targaryen were descendants of Azor, and if the fan theory of R+L=J is true, this would mean Jon is too.

Of course this means that Daeny could just as likely be Azor Ahai....and maybe she is as well...

Bear with us here - theories abound that Jon, Daenerys and Tyrion are all Azor Ahai, as one of these prophecies state that "the dragon has three heads". (Tyrion because there are fans who believe that he too is actually descended from the Targaryens and that he was a result of an affair between Joanna Lannister and King Aerys).

And we know there are three dragons. We've already seen that Drogon is happy to hitch a lift to Daeny when things get tricky, so who could ride the other two? Yep, that Dragon Riders theorycould still be true.

(We realise we've just thrown a gazillion theories at you, but they all do tie into each other.)

Thing is though, after all this, we, like Jon Snow, know NOTHING, we have merely gathered for you some popular theories of the internet. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, actor Kit Harrington has said that; "I had a sit-down with Dan and David, we did the Tony Soprano walk [letting an actor know they’re being whacked]. And they said, “Look, you’re gone, it’s done.” He went on to say; "I’m dead. I’m not coming back next season. So that’s all I can tell you, really."

So yeah... we see you all shaking your heads, thinking we be crazy with the mad theories, but if they were planning on bringing him back, it would surely be a massive tightly kept secret that the actor would have been contracted up to his eyeballs to keep?

George RR Martin has been teasing fans with the release of The Winds of Winter for some time, but it's thought it may be released later this year, although this show will inevitably surpass it now, so it's impossible to know what they have planned.


As for us, yes, we may be so far up to our neck with denial we can't see straight, but hey, we like it here.

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