Robert Downey Jr Walks Out On Incredibly Awkward Interview

We should probably warn you, that watching this will induce so much cringe that you may need a moment to recover.

Robert Downey Jr is on the press circuit for the latest Avengers movie at the moment and had a sit down with Channel 4 journalist Krishnan Guru-Murthy about the movie.

Except they didn't just talk about the movie. Nope, Krishnan decided that this short interview would be the right time to bring up Downey Jr's turbulent past.... and he was NOT happy about it.

The actor was clearly uncomfortable and almost downright annoyed at the questions, in the end he just walked out saying; "You seem okay, it’s just getting a bit Diane Sawyer in here."

Oh it's awkward...


Watch it all kick off about the 5.30 mark below.

So how was your day at work? And do you think poor old Robert was right?

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