Rosanna Davison Defends Herself Over THAT Gluten Controversy

Former Miss World Rosanna Davison has been making headlines this week for some controversial opinions she is reported to have shared in an interview with the Independent about her new book, 'Eat Yourself Beautiful'.

In case you missed it, this was the quote that caused the controversy: “she [Rosanna] is a believer in non-coeliac gluten sensitivity, and cites research that shows gluten to be the bad guy responsible for a huge range of medical conditions from autism spectrum disorders to schizophrenia to arthritis."

And cue... OUTRAGE.

People felt she had no right to make such a statement although, as you can tell from the quote above, it was the interviewer surmising here and not a direct quote from Rosanna, who claims that she was misunderstood in the interview and that that quote is not in her book.

Davison told Midday on TV3: "What I have brought up through all of this is that it was through my struggle I was diagnosed with acne in my teenage years and given various treatments and it was through being vigilant with my diet that I began reading a lot more literature and studies. I want to point out it's a highly debated issue, medical science hasn't reached a conclusion , it’s about people sharing stories about what works for them.'


She also admitted that the reaction to the article had made for 'an overwhelming, stressful few days' and that 'a lot of comments were aggressive, very personal and very upsetting'.

Viewers of the show were quick to react with one caller saying; "I personally live with a child with autism and to say/ try tell me that it's down to diet is a complete disgrace. She needs to get all her facts before writing or talking about something she knows nothing about!"

While others leapt to her defence, with another caller saying; "She hasn't come with this information out of nowhere, there's been plenty of research done to indicate what she is saying is true. Shame on anybody who thinks it's fair to criticise her."

Whatever side you are on, one thing I think we can all agree on is that this is one HELL of a storm in a teacup.


What do you think? Did it stir an unfair witch hunt or did Rosanna deserve the backlash?

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