Ross Kemp returning to EastEnders!

For fans of the East London soap, news doesn't get much better than this - after literallyyears of speculation, Ross Kemp is set to return to EastEnders to reclaim his role as Grant Mitchell.

It's been a whole decade since we last saw this Mitchell brother on the Square, with Kemp since going on to present a range of extreme documentary series from 'Ross Kemp on Gangs' to 'Extreme World'.

While the star has always said 'never say never' when it comes to the soap, we knew it would take one hell of a storyline to bring him back. That it is too, with Grant returning to the East End for the final days of his mum - the great Peggy Mitchell (Barbara Windsor) - who made a shock return to the soap last week.

Peggy will sadly pass away from cancer shortly, but she will do so with both her boys by her side which will no doubt be quite the tearjerker for fans.

Kemp confirmed the news of his return saying; "When I was approached about returning to EastEnders for Barbara's final episodes, it was something I could not turn down.

"Barbara is a very close friend, so when I learned of the storyline it felt right that the Mitchell brothers are reunited with their mother for the last time.


"I am really looking forward to going back to EastEnders and filming what are set to be some classic EastEnders episodes."

While EastEnders executive producer Dominic Treadwell Collins said that Kemp's return has always been "at the top of his wishlist."

"Grant Mitchell is an EastEnders legend and finally he is returning home to Walford to say goodbye to his mother and be reunited not just with his old loves but also his brother.

"To have the Mitchell brothers come face to face again, having to face losing their mother, is an opportunity to show Ross Kemp and Steve McFadden at their very best.

"We are all so excited finally to have Ross back on the Square - and to have Ross Kemp, Barbara Windsor, Steve McFadden, Letitia Dean and Gillian Taylforth all on screen together at the same time as Peggy makes an exit like no other, this promises to be something very special."

No doubt his return will cause ructions all round with his brother Phil (Steve McFadden)in the thick of alcoholism while battling cirrhosis, and also married to Grant's ex-wife Sharon (Letitia Dean). While Phil's ex-wife Kathy Beale (Gillian Taylforth) is also back on the Square now, who Grant had an affair with previously. Sure it was all go back in the nineties.


Guaranteed drama galore, innit.

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