RTE want people to talk about sex on the telly

Well Holy Mary, Mother of God, our national broadcaster wants people to go on the television to talk about sex. Yes, sex. We've come along way since The Bishop and the Nightie.

It's for a new programme for RTE2 called 'Let's Talk About Sex' with Dr Pixie McKenna taking on hosting duties. They are hoping to "explore the world of sex amongst young adults in Ireland" in what will be a three-part show that will air this spring.

Here's the criteria to apply;

- Are you aged between 18 and 30?

- Were you given any sex education in school?

- Would you like to take part in our entertaining, interactive sex themed workshops where you learn about sex, health and wellness?


Dr Pixie says: "It's sometimes hard to talk about sex and not blush, but let's face it none of us would be here without it! I will be looking at the good the bad and the ugly of sex in a fun educational way."

While Channel Controller for RTÉ2 Bill Malone added: "Attitudes to sex have changed dramatically in Ireland in a relatively short space of time and we’re curious to take a closer look at this evolution in attitude, education and expression. We’re delighted to have Pixie on board for this show and look forward to airing the series soon on RTÉ2."

If you’re interested in taking part, send an email to [email protected] with a short paragraph about yourself and why you’d like to get involved.

Just don't shame the parish.

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