Ryan Gosling shows 'new baby pic' and talks 'Hey Girl' meme

Earlier this week, TMZ broke the news that Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling had become parents again - to another little girl. While the couple have remained tightlipped regarding their new daughter, Ryan has been repeatedly asked about the new arrival given he's been doing the rounds on the talk show circuit of late (he's promoting a new film called The Nice Guys).

Despite being notoriously private regarding their family, Gosling was rather forthcoming with a pic of Amada Lee Gosling... Isn't she beautiful? And what a head of hair!

Ellen of course didn't just shoot the breeze about babies; she also addressed Ryan's world famous 'Hey Girl' meme and what is means to him. And that would be mostly 'confusion' (FYI, 0ur favourite is "Hey girl, fee my sweater. you know what it's made of, Boyfriend Material"). Speaking of the phenomenon, the actor said: "“I found out about [the meme] I think in an odd way, because I didn’t know what it was, and people would say, you know, ‘Hey, girl,' I thought that was odd, and then I started really looking deeply at myself as to why people were just saying, ‘Hey, girl.’ They would just scream it across the street: ‘Hey, girl!’ So it took me a while to figure it out."


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