Saoirse Ronan teaches Colbert how to do Irish accent

"How's it goin', I'm Stephen!" To be fair, he's not that bad at doing an Irish accent after Saoirse's tutelage. Shame he's not as good with pronouncing Irish names. He finds 'Osh-sheen' particularly difficult. And as for 'Queva'... You'd think with Colbert being the youngest of 11 children in a Catholic family and being of 15/16ths Irish ancestry he would've NAILED 'Queva'.

The Brooklyn star spent a good ten minutes speaking with The Late Show host, and kicked off their conversation with the Catholic religion after she commented that that the studio looked "like a church." They then bonded over their common bond as a "ratholic" (that being an Irish Catholic).


Have you an Irish name? What's the best mispronunciation you've had to deal with?

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