Schteamy Fair City affair on the cards

We don't mean to gloat, but we called this one months ago. Let's face it though Fair City is rarely subtle so you all probably guessed this one was on the cards.

The two that had our Affair-dar going on overdrive these past few months are the bowld Tommy Dillon and Debbie O'Brien. The pair started working together at the hotel before Christmas and became good mates, but of course while Tommy is now a free agent, Debbie is married to resident grump Eoghan.

Things have been difficult for the pair as of late though, following the death of Debbie's son Michael, which Eoghan was accidentally involved in.

Tommy and Debbie are said to get closer over the following weeks after they go for a drink one evening and end up staying for dinner. It's not long after that before the pair share a kiss and sure sparks are set to fly leading to a saucy affair between the two. That's right, we said saucy.

Tommy of course has always been a bit of a lothario, having previously cheated on his wife Judith with Jo Fahey, however this will be a leap into the unknown for Debbie.


Actress Niamh Daly, who plays the Fair City star told the Herald that Tommy will bring her a "surprising bit of joy".

"It awakens her to the possibilities that have been absent from her life for years," Niamh said.

"She becomes proactive for the first time in the pursuit of these good feelings that have been missing from her life for so long."

The scandal of it all, wha'?

For future reference, other Carrigstown residents on our 'Affair-dar' are;


- Wayne and Jane.... (and not because their names rhyme).
- Paul and Carol
- Paul.... and the next female with a pulse who rocks up to Carrigstown.

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