Seven Most Traumatising Scenes From Your Childhood Movies

There are certain films that you watch when you're younger and they have a truly lasting effect on you.

Years later, when you're older, wiser and more emotionally stable, you unwittingly decide to watch it again and it all comes flooding back. Literally flooding because you're crying non-stop and it moves you so much.

So, if you're looking to avoid a situation where you're ugly-crying for a good two hours after the film has ended, best to avoid some of these key scenes in classics from your childhood.


7. The part where they try experiment on ET and it's all so distressing

This made us deathly afraid of anything to do with doctors, medicine or labcoats. Plus, wasn't ET basically like your dog that you loved and tried to talk to and put your hoodie over? Just us then.


6. When Artax gets caught in the swamp in THE NEVERENDING STORY

It's only years later that we get the symbolism of this scene, that the swamp represents sadness and grief and how you can get swallowed up in it. Back then, all we were doing was freaking out about a pony sinking in goo.


5. When Macaulay Culkin can't find his glasses in MY GIRL

He can't see without his glasses. Where are they? HE CAN'T SEE WITHOUT HIS GLASSES. HE CAN'T SEE WITHOUT HIS GLASSES.



4. When Hazel leaves WATERSHIP DOWN and basically dies

Sure, when you're talking about Watership Down, you remember the genuinely disturbing and bloody violence, but the finale which sees an ageing Hazel take off with a pencil-drawn ghost is also pretty weepy. And, of course, Art Garfunkel's theme song is instant waterworks.


3. When Sara tries to make her father remember in A LITTLE PRINCESS

It's only just now that we realise that the Dad from this is actually Ser Davos from Game of Thrones, better known as Irish character actor Liam Cunningham. But yes, this scene was devastating beyond compare.


2. The aftermath of the Termite battle in ANTZ

Let's be honest, nobody - and we mean, nobody - was expecting Antz to be such an in-depth examination of societal structures, individualism and the futility of war. Everyone just thought it was a fun film about ants that had a pretty decent voice cast. Most devastating of all was the scene in which Z finds Barbatus, sans the rest of his body. THIS IS A CHILDREN'S FILM AND IT'S A TALKING, SEVERED HEAD.


1. Simba trying to wake Mufasa up in THE LION KING

It's the bit where he climbs underneath Mufasa's arm that actually destroys us. Sweet Jesus.


Do you have a childhood movie that is guaranteed to start the water works? And sure, there's nothing as cathartic as an aul cry, is there? So let it out, we won't judge. But your colleagues or fellow bus commuters might.

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