Sharon Ní Bheoláin's Blooper Confirms her Status as Queen of RTE

Lookit, it's no Aengus MacGrianna-standard blooper but if you were watching the news on Friday evening you may have noticed a rather awkward moment between our second favourite (well, Aengus DID have Anne Doyle giving him away at his wedding and nothing can top that) newscaster Sharon Ní Bheoláin and co-host Ray Kennedy, when she was caught on camera saying 'Your job's okay... this time'.

If you missed this priceless moment, thankfully some smart individual decided to upload it to the web so we can all watch it forever and ever. God bless the internet. The sentence certainly sounds like a threat of some kind in its basic meaning, but RTE assures us it was just a joke - which we all know really, but its funnier thinking of Sharon as some evil entity of RTE who lords it over her co-hosts from time to time.

The odd thing about it is their non-reaction to it all, as they just turn their heads to the camera and carry on with the headlines. Bizarre.


A1, Sharridn, A1.

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