Sleep Well With Origins Night Health


If even blackout blinds, a ban on coffee before bedtime, and fancy schmancy earplugs aren't enough to see you safely into the Land Of Nod, check out the shiny new Night Health range by Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins. Containing 100% natural camomile, lavender and mandarin essential oils, this is a suite of products intended to aid relaxation of the mind and body and ensure a restful night's sleep while encouraging the natural nighttime renewal of skin.

There's obviously been a whole ritual designed with Night Health in mind: there's a bath oil, €28.50, a mood spray, €31, a body balm for use on acupressure points, also €31, and a night cream, €69.50, which has been awarded "Best Night Cream" and "Best for Beauty Sleep" by U magazine and IMAGE respectively. It's a rich formula that promises to hydrate, firm and rejuvenate skin while you sleep pretty.


This stuff sounds so flipping good, I nearly wish I had problems sleeping so I'd have an excuse to put it through its paces!

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