Get Some Zeds with Neal's Yard Remedies: Beauty Sleep Concentrate; Beauty Sleep Body Butter

When I posted about the launch of Neal's Yard Remedies Organic skincare in Ireland last week, I mentioned two of the products I'd been trying out: Beauty Sleep Concentrate and Beauty Sleep Body Butter. Both designed to nourish and replenish skin while you sleep, they are imbued with a fragrance blend designed to relax the mind and enhance your sleep (hint: if you used to fall asleep during mass to the fragrance of the incense burner, then you're going to love these).

Beauty Sleep Concentrate (30ml, €41.20) is a moisturiser that can be used alone or over a serum to moisturise and replenish the skin overnight. Fragranced with an aromatherapeutical blend of essential oils, this has a lovely frankincense scent that is immediately relaxing (and pleasingly different from the usual lavender you'd expect of such a product), but not at all overpowering.

I was surprised when I pumped it out at first as it looks like a very light cream and I honestly didn't expect it to be very moisturising. However, as I began to massage it in, the feel of the shea and cocoa butters it contains came to the fore and the moisturising properties became more apparent. I've been using oils at night for a good while now, so it took a bit to get used to the feel of this cream in comparison. It sinks into the skin very easily and feels quite dry to the touch afterwards, but the next morning as I rinsed my face with water I could feel the difference in my skin already - it felt very soft and smooth and I must admit I was  impressed.


Beauty Sleep Body Butter (200g, €29.50) is another gorgeous bedtime treat. The luscious thick formula (it's made with shea butter, cocoa butter and sunflower oil) takes a bit of effort to massage into the skin, but it's worth it. This is the kind of product you'd use on a pampering home-spa type of night, after a nice hot bath or shower, before hopping straight into bed for a relaxed deep sleep. I definitely noticed the difference the next morning, my skin felt and looked soft, smooth and replenished.

The frankincense fragrance is stronger in the body butter, but once I got over the mass connotations, I started to really like this. It's deep and musky, but not overpowering and it really does relax the mind - maybe it was a coincidence, but I did seem to fall asleep a lot quicker than usual after using it.

Both products are on the spendy side, but they are a treat to use and if the ethical, organic, eco-friendly side of things is important to you, then the NYR Organic credentials are impressive.

What do you think, would you be interested?

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