Sneak Peek of Lady Gaga & Naomi Campbell in American Horror Story

American Horror Story is back and back with a bang. Or more likely with a stab/choke/eviscerate if what we're being told is anything to go by.

Entertainment Weekly revealed the first look at the fifth season of Ryan Murphy's anthology series, with Lady Gaga leading the charge as The Countess, the owner of the titular hotel, as well as plenty of American Horror Story familiar faces in there as well. And Naomi Campbell. Because why not?

EW have all the scoop on the season, which will be set in the Hotel Cortez, built by a psychotic Evan Peters to hide his "murderous activities" in the 1930s (naturally), and now in the care of Gaga's Countess.

And because this is Ryan Murphy, Gaga's character likes to feed on blood and has an insatiable desire for sex which leads to a love triangle between her, Matt Bomer and Finn Wittrock.

Also making appearances are Angela Bassett, as an actress/former lover of Gaga; Kathy Bates as the receptionist; Denis O’Hare as a cross-dresser; Sarah Paulson as a drug addict; and Wes Bentley as a cop who drags his family to the hotel to solve a case involving a serial killer (as you do).


It certainly looks as madcap as we would expect, but will it be any good? We'll have to wait and see.

Have you seen any series of American Horror Story? We tried to watch the first one but that strange man in the leather onesie was very off putting...

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