So, Booze is Better Than Rice for Drying Out Wet Phones

Just don't get too excited and go dumping your wet iPhone in a glass of pinot grigio just yet.

Up until now everyone thought that when you accidentally drop your phone in a puddle/sink/toilet, the best chance for your device was to plunge it into a bag of rice or stick it in the hot press and leave it overnight but it turns out that there's actually a much better solution and it involves the cause of and solution to all life's problems.

red wine.jpg

According to the BBC's science magazine Focus, while rice does dry out your wet device it's nowhere near as effective as pure alcohol. Why? Here's the science:


"Soaking the phone in pure alcohol may be a better bet. The alcohol drives water out and removes any mineral deposits."

But before you run off to the offo demanding a bottle, pure alcohol is 'highly flammable' and 'must be treated with the utmost care', so don't go getting too many ideas. It may just be easier to buy a new phone.

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