So There Goes Colin Farrell Wandering Around LA Topless

No harm in having a look. It might motivate you to sign up to a hot yoga class in a centre near you, and that can only be a good thing. Also, in the recent surge of male actors suggesting that they be objectified as much as women, you're kind of doing your thing for feminism. Kind of.

He'd wanta pick up that shirt from trailing on the ground, mind, it's going to get covered in filth *disables 'mammy' mode*

If at this point, you're having to contain the urge to rush Colin in a quest to have a hoof off his neck, one of Jimmy Kimmel's runners has already done it for you.


Are you a yoga enthusiast? Have anyone like Colin in your class? In which case, where is it - I might have to give it a whorl.

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