Someone painted the Game of Thrones road in N. Ireland

Fans of Game of Thrones will know of Kingsroad - the central path through the Seven Kingdoms running all the way from Castle Black to King's Landing, passing Winterfell along the way.

The path appears in several episodes throughout the seasons, and along with many Game of Thrones scenes, is filmed up in the Northern Ireland.

It's called Bregagh Road at a place called the Dark Hedges in Armoy, co. Antrim and has become a massive tourist attraction since the show began.

The road made headlines a while back for suffering some storm damage, but all was soon right again, until some amadán decided it was a good idea to put road markings on it this week.


Don't worry though, cleaners were quick to amend the damage according to Government officials.

A spokeswoman for Stormont’s Department of Regional Development said: "Following completion of a small resurfacing scheme along a 200m stretch of the Bregagh Road at the Dark Hedges, the white lining at the junction with the Ballinlea Road was extended in error.

"The contractor was instructed to remove the line and the white lining was burned off earlier today. The repair work was completed at 1.30pm this afternoon [Wednesday].

“Whilst there is the potential for some residual marking to the carriageway as a result of the removal, we are confident that, given the time of year and the number of vehicles using the Bregagh Road, that any such marks will disappear soon."

It wouldn't actually affect any filming of the show anyways, as special effects are used to obscure the road's paved surface.


Still though, you had one job road markings guy!

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