Spoiler Alert: Time for Soap Round Up

Here's your soaps bits for the week!


Chas is at the end of the tether this week as she is terrified thinking she has a stalker and is sure it is Emma. Although, as we know it is in fact Chas herself as she is sleepwalking.

On Wednesday, Chas wakes up in the middle of the night to noises downstairs, and heads down with a knife... BUT, she ends up stabbing a drunk Diane coming in late. Ah here Chas.

Thursday then sees Diane fighting for her life in hospital, while Chas' son Aaron tries to cover for her by pretending an intruder did it.

However this does lead Andy and Robert to unite in vengeance as they are determined to find out who did it. Nowt like a stabbing to bring the family together...

Coronation Street

This week sees Tracy grow jealous of the closeness emerging between Robert and Leanne as Robert is much more sympathetic to Leanne's troubles with Simon than she is. It leads to a bit of a showdown in the Bistro between Tracy and Leanne as Tracy lashes out and calls Simon a thug, leaving Robert very unimpressed with her behaviour. Is it the end of the road for the pair?

Elsewhere, Steph is at her wits end with her ex who is threatening her saying he will put naked pics of her online unless she gets her brother to race cars again. She ends up calling his bluff but it doesn’t exactly work out as planned...

Meanwhile, Gary arrives back on the street (he left a few weeks ago after discovering his fiance Alya has slept with his friend Jason). Zeedan and Sharif are shocked when he turns up in the gym, making it clear that he's still a partner in the business and intends to stay involved. Sharif points out that Gary's share of the gym was a wedding present, but Gary argues he signed on the dotted line and needs the income to provide for Jake. G'wan the Gary.



Tonight sees Ronnie arrested for Carl's murder, as her sister Roxy reported her to the police in Friday's episode after a huge argument between the pair. (Seriously, those slaps were pretty violent). The Mitchell family are disgusted with Roxy as essentially she has broken the first rule of being a Mitchell by going to the police, so Phil kicks her out telling her 'she is no longer a Mitchell.'

Also this week, Phil is very much back on the bottle and Sharon decides to take drastic measures by locking him in their room until he sobers up. However he is quick to find a bottle that was wrapped up for Christmas (the wily divil), and when Sharon arrives into the room the next day, Phil lashes out and causes an injury to her ear. Could this be the final nail in the coffin for their marriage?

Fair City

Eoghan struggles to keep his dark secret from Debbie as he found out that he was the one who accidentally was responsible for Michael's death. Poor Eoghan, he was kind of annoying but he doesn't deserve that guilt on top of everything else. Will he be able to tell Debbie the truth?

Also, Eoghan's mother arrives to Carrigstown on Tuesday and she is played by none other that former Glenroe star Geraldine Plunkett! She played Mary, the long suffering wife of Dick Moran in Glenroe.

Red Rock

It's all about a taxi robbery that goes wrong in this week's Red Rock with the Guards called to the scene where a young, dark haired man, with track marks down his arms and no ID has been fatally injured.

It dawns on Angela that her son Conor fits the description and she can’t help but fear the worst when Conor doesn’t answer her call and is a no show at work. Angela frantically runs to the accident, arriving just as the paramedics pull a blanket over the body. All stops still – Angela feels as though her world is about to crash down around her until she realises it isn’t Conor’s body but rather that of his childhood friend, Daniel Dooley.


The news of his friend's death hits Conor pretty badly, especially as he had just seen him earlier on in the day and refused to give him money for a hit. He feels responsible and finds himself seeking comfort with Rachel... oh dear.

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