A stalker, a fire, and one hell of a beating


Liv has a crisis of conscience tonight over spying on Aaron and Robert, and stands up to Gordon. However, she finds herself with seemingly nowhere to turn when she accidentally lets the truth out to Aaron, and runs away from home, leaving Aaron more worried about his sister than anything else.

Elsewhere, Bernice agrees to keep Chrissie's secret, but we all know no secrets are kept in Emmerdale for long. Sure enough, later in the week Lawrence gets wind of what's happening but crossed wires has him believe that it's Bernice who is having the affair with Andy, which leads to some pretty drastic consequences for Andy... as you can see below.

Coronation Street

It all comes out tonight between Tracy and Robert as she finally drops the bombshell that she knows he slept with Carla and reveals the extent of her manipulating and blackmailing... can't imagine that will go down too well. Although that's not the only bombshell Tracy will have for him as she also realises she might be pregnant.

Also this week, Sophie and Kate get closer while Michelle tries to keep her distance from Will. Affairs all round then.



It's all about Phil tonight as Ben is disappointed when he realises that his dad isn't going to his support meeting, while Ian worries that Kathy is falling for her ex-husband once again. With most of the family turning their backs on him, Louise realises it's up to her to help her drunken dad, and goes and makes one hell of a purchase on his credit card.

Later in the week then, Abi and Babe end up in a row leading Louise to discover that Abi lied about the baby, and she does NOT seem like one who would keep this information to herself without a price.

Also, Ronnie's stalker ordeal starts to put her in serious danger, but just who is behind it?

Fair City

Ellie is acting out again this week and tonight goes and makes a bomb threat to the school so she can have a day off. She's imaginative, we'll give her that. Elsewhere, Charlotte is fuming when Oisin tells her what happened with Decco and decides to get her own back, but the main drama this week will involve the poitin shed...we'll say no more, but don't miss Wednesday's episode.

Red Rock


High drama in Red Rock this week. Poor Sharon's world is in tatters at the hands of Brian and he has managed to make even more enemies with Conor now out for revenge after hearing Brian is blackmailing his mum, while Paudge also calls on an old criminal enemy of Brian's. Liam is also desperate to save his daughter from Brian's clutches and drags Rachel to the station to change her statement... all this happens while Brian's court case is about to kick off, if he even makes it there that is with this list of enemies.

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