Starbucks at Night, Insomniacs' Delight?

What's the one thing Starbucks are missing? Yep, wine. And now they have it.

Forget about improvements on the coffee, staff that can spell, or the feeling that your buying into a giant corporate machine, what we really need Starbucks to fix was the fact that you can't buy a tipple or two in there. Thankfully, they've obviously been listening to our ...minds? -  and have now added a Starbucks Evenings menu to shops in America, which offers a range of snacks, beers and wines.

More than 76 stores across America now run the evenings menu, and the coffee chain aims to roll out the menu to 2,000 stores across the U.S. in the next five years.

It all sounds good to us, but we have two questions. When is it coming to Ireland, and can we order our wine as a Venti?


Here's a look at the menu.

Via Business Insider

Are you into this? Do you think it would work in this country? Will the Starbucks in NUI,G give the student bar a run for its money?

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