Take a Look at How Old the Kids from Friends are Now...

We all know we are getting older, it's an inevitability of life. What we do forget about however is that everyone else is too. Even kids from our favourite TV shows of the nineties have added years to their lives folks. And it is frightening.

Remember Ross and Rachel's baby Emma? That little cutie pie that was the product of one of the biggest TV will they/won't they's of all time?

Well she's now a teenager! And there's TWO of them. That's right, as is often the case with babies in TV shows, Emma was played by twins Noelle and Cali Sheldon, who are now thirteen years old, people.

They are not the only ones who didn't remain trapped in an ageless TV time warp a la The Simpsons. Take a look at the actor who played Ross's son Ben; Cole Sprouse (on the left) is now twenty-two people. Twenty-TWO. Merciful jaysus.

Himself and his twin brother Dylan (on the right) went on to star in their own show called The Suite Life Of Zack & Cody becoming the highest-paid teenage Disney television actors. Ross would have been so proud.

The Emma twins aren't doing too badly either with both appearing a film together in 2006 called Novel Romance, and most recently the pair were in a short film called Agorable, while in 2013, Noelle was in a flick called Maxwell.

That may be only the beginning for these twins too. We all remember what became of this TV baby....

What were your favourite shows of the nineties? Can you believe how long ago that decade was? Are you quaking in your knee-high, stiletto boots a little?


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