Tattoo shaming & long, long handshakes on First Dates

Prepare to cringe at and hate on people like you never have before.

Tonight's instalment of 'First Dates Ireland' has dates lined up between four couples featuring lemon throwing, tattoo shaming, overly long awkward handshakes and more. Standard night in the Gibson then.

First up we have Rebecca, who can't seem to get enough of her dates hand and bicep when they meet. Negative levels of chill here.

Then we've got Brian and Sarah who don't seem to be meshing at all thanks to Brian's oh so polite critique of Sarah's tattoo.

Then we have Shem, who still believes in fairytales (although we don't think there ever was one involving your date throwing fruit around a restaurant).

And finally we have Eoghan and Karen who seem like a perfect match on paper but we've been burnt by this show before so we're not holding out that love is in the air.

Thanks to the second Eurovision Semi-Final, tonight's episode is pushed back to 10.05pm so if you really want to make a meal of your evening you can tune in to that at 8pm and watch Nicky Byrne and the rest of Europe fight it out via Euro-pop for a place in Saturday's final before tucking into the disasters above.



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