Taylor Swift is all of us on the treadmill

Even if you're a fan of Taylor Swift, there's something oddly satisfying about seeing her plant herself face first on a treadmill in this new Apple Music commercial.

The singer teamed up with Apple Music to promote how distractingly good their product is. Though we're not sure how much of good thing it is when you end up potentially injuring yourself in the gym.

Sure, it's a stunt double who takes the fall, but we can pretend, right?



Also, it's interesting to see Taylor in an Apple Music ad considering the public dispute they had last year over Apple's policy on how they pay the artists, Taylor even made a public statement about how she was not a fan of the policy. Apple Music swiftly changed how they do things and mere days later they'd made up, and Swift's album 1989 was available to stream on the service.

Via Eonline

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